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  • X01

    How to play X01. Start on a selected score, first players down to 0 wins.

  • Around The World

    How to play around the world – Player must hit 1, then 2 etc until they have hit the bull. First to do this wins.

  • Cricket

    Player must hit a number 3 times to open it for scoring (trebles count for 3, doubles for 2). Once number is opened the player can score on this number until the opponent closes it by hitting it 3 times as well. Highest score when all areas are closed wins.

  • Shanghai

    Each player scores as much as possible in the 1 segment, then 2 etc. Player with highest score at the end wins. A Shanghai (Treble Single Double) at any point also ends the game with a win.

  • Halve It

    Start with 40 points, throw at given target. If target is hit add the score, if all three darts miss then total score is halved. Players with highest score at the end wins.

  • Killer

    Player must hit their own number until they are full, once they have done this they can take lives from other players by hitting their numbers. Last man standing wins.