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For over 80 years Unicorn Darts has been at the forefront of innovating darts technology. The revolutionary Unicorn Smartboard, the world’s first auto-scoring, app-enabled bristle dartboard is changing the world of darts. Complimented by the updated and visually stunning Unicorn Scorebuddy app, the Smartboard is bringing the future of darts to the present day.

The new and improved in-game graphics bring each game to life, transporting you into the wonderful world of Smartboard darts. You can challenge up to 12 of your friends to a game of Around The World or compete against 9 levels of robots in X01 to prove your darting supremacy.

Operating on Bluetooth LE connectivity, the Unicorn Smartboard instantly transmits the score of every dart to the Unicorn Scorebuddy app on your mobile or tablet device.

Includes 6 exciting games; X01, Halve It, Killer, Shanghai, Around The World and Cricket all automatically scored via the Unicorn Scorebuddy app.

New in latest Update:

- New and improved graphics
- New Sounds
- New Animations
- Ability to reconnect mid-game should connection be lost
- In-game now in Landscape mode for maximum visual impact
- Up to 12 players or 6 teams
- Easy Team Set-Up
- Easy Score Correction